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kitsch gift | Cufflinks |  Music Cufflinks

Music Cufflinks

kitsch gift | Cufflinks |  Music Cufflinks

Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks

Acoustic Guitar Cufflinks in full colour with a real eye for detail you can even see the 6 strings and guitar fretwork.

Bass Guitar Cufflinks

Bass Guitar Cufflinks with exacting detail clearly showing the 4 bass strings and guitar fretwork.

Banjo Cufflinks

Banjo Cufflinks with exceptional detail you can even see the 4 strings and banjo fretwork.

Beatles Cufflinks

Beatles Cufflinks featuring Abbey Road

Guitar Cufflinks

Guitar Cufflink with exacting detail and in the classic two tone colours.

Keyboard Cufflinks

Musicial Scale / Octave Keyboard Cufflinks showing the 12 semi-tones on a musicial keyboard.

Music Note Cufflinks

Rhodium Plated Music Note Cufflinks.

Mandolin Guitar Cufflinks

Mandolin Guitar Cufflinks - Mandolin accessories for musicians.

Piano Cufflinks

Music Cufflinks featuring a Grand Piano with balck and white keys.

Violin Cufflinks

Violin Cufflinks featuring a three dimensional shape and exceptional detail.

Our Cufflinks

Our Cufflinks

kitsch gift | Cufflinks |  Music Cufflinks

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