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kitsch gift | Cufflinks |  Sport Cufflinks

Sport Cufflinks

kitsch gift | Cufflinks |  Sport Cufflinks

Boxing Cufflinks

Sport Cufflinks featuring Boxing Glove Cufflinks

Dart Cufflinks

Dart Cufflinks with enamel hand painted detail featuring the classic dartboard and 3 darts.

Fishing Sport Cufflinks

Sport Cufflinks for Fisherman featuring a classic Fishing Reel Design.

Football Cufflinks

Unique Football Cufflinks, featuring football cards, pitches and ball games.

Golf Sport Cufflinks

Sport Cufflinks with a golfing theme, classic golf ball and club designs for Golfers.

Horse Racing Cufflinks

Horse Racing and Horse Shoe Sport Cufflinks gift presented in a cufflink box.

Rugby Sport Cufflinks

Rhodium plated Rugby Sport Cufflinks presented in a gift box

Shooting Cufflinks

Shooting Cufflinks featuring bullets, pistols, hand guns and cartridges.

Snooker Sport Cufflinks

Snooker Cufflinks featuring the 8 ball.

kitsch gift | Cufflinks |  Sport Cufflinks

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